Avoid a Felony and Severe Penalties When You Contact a Lawyer for Drug Charges

Drug charges are common in Oklahoma, and those facing drug charges can be facing a felony charge that leads to a lengthy jail term and other severe penalties. Those who are arrested have the option of contacting a lawyer for help. There are ways for a lawyer to have the charges dismissed, even if the arrested person has a significant amount of evidence against them.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Just because there is significant evidence a person is guilty doesn’t mean they will be found guilty through a trial. Everyone is presumed to be innocent until they’re found guilty in a court of law.

For an arrested person, this means they are not automatically found guilty and can go through a trial to defend against the charges and attempt to avoid a conviction. The biggest way they can help themselves in this situation is to contact a lawyer for help.

Having the Evidence Suppressed

Evidence must be collected lawfully and stored properly until the conclusion of the case. If the evidence was unlawfully obtained, the arrested person’s lawyer may be able to have it suppressed.

This can also happen if the evidence was not stored properly and, therefore, could have been contaminated. If the evidence is suppressed, it cannot be used against the person in court.

Dismissing or Lowering the Charges

The evidence might make up the bulk of the proof that the person is guilty. If the evidence is suppressed and cannot be used against them, there is a possibility the prosecution will agree to lower or drop the charges.

Lowering the charges might mean the person pleads guilty to a misdemeanor and receives a relatively minor penalty instead of facing a felony conviction, loss of some of their rights, and a lengthy jail term. Dismissing or dropping the charges means the person no longer has to worry about the arrest and will not have a conviction on their record.

Those who have been arrested and charged with a drug-related crime have the option of working with a lawyer for drug charges to try to minimize the impact the arrest will have. In some cases, it will be possible for an arrested person to avoid a conviction altogether as long as they seek legal assistance as quickly as possible after their arrest.